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BeatGen Studio

Introducing BeatGen Studio, the ultimate soundtrack studio empowered with the most innovative AI and in-depth techniques to analyze soundtracks at element-based level. Users can now have complete control over their music; they can create music using a range of unique and customizable elements.

AI Music generator

An AI-powered system that can create songs and lyrics based on the preferences of the user, including the genre, mood, theme, and length of the song, among other factors. Simply choose your preference, and then enjoy completely free sound and music content that exactly matches your imagination.

Comprehensive tools

A variety of powerful tools and features to help music professionals and enthusiasts create high-quality recordings and produce polished soundtracks, from music notation, composing, edit, remixing to publishing. AI-powered tools enable users to analyze and edit soundtracks at an element-based level, giving them complete control over every aspect of their music.

Remix Element Storage

Remix elements function as filters for soundtracks. Users can create and apply these elements to generate remix variants. Additionally, professional music producers can create and earn profit from their pre-built remix elements.

Commercial solutions

BeatGen Studio empowers music producers, artist and content creators with easily-access commercial solutions, including publishing your soundtracks on other streaming service such as Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, etc., and registering copying for music, tones and sound effects within just a few clicks, with very simple procedure.
We take great pride in meeting the needs of our users with innovative, high-quality products. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, our product catalog is constantly expanding and advancing, from new features to new designs. Be sure to check back for more!