BeatGen Music Streaming

BeatGen - where music streaming service takes your listening experience to the next level.
BeatGen features a cutting-edge AI-powered system, built on machine learning and in-depth analysis of sound and music, to comprehend music on a profound level, analyze all elements in each soundtrack, and ensure a seamless listening experience for users.
We're proud to introduce a platform that redefines the music streaming experience. Get ready to enjoy music like never before, with a service that's powered by the latest technology and dedicated to understanding the complexities of sound and music.

Smart recommendation

BeatGen AI analyzes all elements in each soundtrack to comprehend the soundtrack to a profound level, ensuring that each track is expertly curated for our users. We also keep up with current and historical music trends, so that users can freely discover new music that's either fresh or nostalgic.

Play in sync

One of the key functions of BeatGen is to bring people together through music. We offer users the ability to share and play music in sync regardless of the number of partners, devices, or the physical distance between them.

Collaborative playlists

BeatGen offers users the ability to create and share playlists with their friends, making it easier to collaborate on music selection and discovery. Our AI system also uses data from user connections and their behaviors to comprehend users' preferences and adjust personal recommendations.